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Author Topic: Links & Advertising Policy For Agencies, Guides, Translators & Service Providers  (Read 15635 times)

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We have always welcomed actively contributing agency owners, personal guides, translators and other service providers to RUA. As the forum grows and develops, we are attracting an element that seems to want to use RUA exclusively as a free advertising vehicle, and a few who are attempting to mine our membership by Private Message for the same purpose.

We have the FSU Service Providers and Useful Resources section where *actively contributing* members are free to place a small informational advertisement about themselves in the appropriate topic.

Service providers and/or their representatives should not use the general conversation forums for promotional purposes. (Excessive recommendations by regular members of the same service providers will classify them as a representative of that provider.) Continual self-promotion may be edited/deleted at the moderators' discretion.

Under no circumstances are members allowed to use our Private Message system to solicit business (spam) for unconnected companies, websites or entities. Any members who receive such PM’s are requested to use the Report to Admin link in the PM, in total confidence.

Service providers may link in their profile to their site, and that will also show up on their side bio as a clickable icon.

Link Exchange

Forum signatures are a prime Internet marketing and Google ranking tool. Service providers who wish to advertise and/or link to their site in their forum signature are subject to the following rules: Maximum size 10 and not bold, two lines maximum, one hyperlink per signature and no images.  

In addition to this, service providers who wish to advertise in their signature line are expected to reciprocate with a 468x60 banner advertisement for RUA on the site they link to. (Or another site by arrangement.) An example you can use is below:

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The code you would use on your website for that banner is as below:

Code: [Select]
<!-- Begin Banner Code--> <p align="center"><a href= target="_blank"> <img border="1" src="" style="border: 1 solid #000000" alt="The Leading Russian Women Information Forum" align="center" width="468" height="60"> <br> <font face="Arial" size="1">The Leading Russian Women Information Forum</font> </a> </p> <!-- End Banner Code-->

If you prefer a three-way link over a reciprocal link (better for Google ranking), then use this one:

Code: [Select]
<!-- Begin Banner Code--> <p align="center"><a href= target="_blank"> <img border="1" src="" style="border: 1 solid #000000" alt="Russian Mail Order Bride Guide" title="Russian Mail Order Bride Guide" align="center" width="468" height="60"> <br> <font face="Arial" size="1">Russian Mail Order Bride Guide</font> </a> </p> <!-- End Banner Code-->
The more inbound links we have coming in, the higher our search engine placement and we should receive more traffic as a result, which will benefit RUA and our membership. We think it reasonable that if you want RUA to signature link to you, you should link to RUA in return.

Commercial Advertising

Commercial advertising is currently suspended at RUA. We have no available advertising slots at the moment.