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Author Topic: The cost of healthy -v- processed food debate  (Read 432 times)

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Re: The cost of healthy -v- processed food debate
« Reply #25 on: June 20, 2020, 02:20:19 PM »
Generally the cost of eating healthy food depends on your income.. shit income shit food die early!!

Supermarket fish, salmon.. its not salmon its bloated up salmon you can even see the fat on it, disgusting.. filled with chemicals on a fish farm.. go buy fresh Scottish salmon see the difference.. same with supermarket meat.. its crap all fat and water plus a load of chemicals.. but who can afford to buy all their meat from a Proper butchers? We don't eat supermarket meat or fish if we can help it.. If I'm in the Uk I never touch the stuff..

It is the same for many foods today and its the reason so many youngsters are over weight, bad diet which is not their fault lots of families cannot afford to eat good food..

As with most things in life good healthy food usually costs more..

Bottom line earn more money or die a little early, I have a few friends in the US who say exactly the same "Earn more money or die early"

Во многом поддерживаю вас, но не имея возможности купить хорошее мясо или рыбу - не значит что нужно есть фастфуд, белый хлеб, жареное и тому подобное.
Овощи, каши, яйца, бобовые... есть недорогие продукты которые позволят качественно улучшить рацион.

I support you in many ways, but not being able to buy good meat or fish does not mean that you need to eat fast food, white bread, fried and the like.
Vegetables, cereals, eggs, beans ... there are inexpensive products that will improve the diet.