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Title: Smila/Smela
Post by: redroo on December 04, 2012, 06:05:45 PM
Just had a discussion with a guy that visited a girl in Smila, a small place near Cherkassy. Calls it as a total agency scam and a crap place to try and date someone. 

He says the agency charged him 300 for the Borispol pickup (I've been Kharkov to Odessa for that) of 2 1/2 hours and wanted to stop for a resturant break they expected him to pay for, 250 for the meeting (normally 50 right?), 20 for translation (15 normal), 70 for a hotel (kept him away from reception where he later discovered it was 40/night) and 20 per hour for car, saying it was "impossible" to get taxis.

The point of posting this to report that this small town/city has nothing to do according to him, and the girl (and translator) expected/planned every date in Cherkassy, 45 minutes away.
He decamped after 2 days, found his own taxi via the girls on reception, moved to Cherkassy where he was able to find a great place to stay for the same price, could amuse himself during the days, and happily paid a taxi fee when his date came to meet him, and got one to take her back. Decided after a few days she wasn't the one, but then was in a larger city with a number of agencies who could arrainge other meetings for him.