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Google Is Your Best Friend

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Whenever you think you might be getting scammed - you probably are. But even before you get that feeling on the back of your neck or in the pit of your stomach, remember that Google is your best friend.

Almost every letter of drivel has been written over and over by Fat Yuri. He sends them out by the thousands. And many a gullible man of those thousands has responded by opening his wallet. Lucky for you, many of those defrauded men have been willing to share their experiences.

You can use Google. Names and addresses and even phone numbers should be shoved into the Google search engine. But names can change and addresses and phone numbers can be off by a digit or two. E-mail addresses are also fungible these days.

But phrases in the letters, which appear to have been written by an illiterate or a machine translator, they are your most important resource. Place quotation marks around 7 to 15 words in the letter that seem unique and enter them in the might Google search engine. If you find a letter with those words, then you know you are being scammed.

Should you play along? It is probably better not to waste your time or educate the "brains" behind the fraud. You should simply delete and block the writer and move on. You should never start to rationalize why Elena or Lana's letter showed up somewhere else. First, it was not Elena or Lana, it was a man in an Internet boiler room. Second, if the letter has shown up on the Internet, that was only the small tip of a very large iceberg.

The odds of success in finding a FSU bride are dismally low. But you can decrease the odds of getting scammed by being careful and using Google.

I would also like to ask the members here to add other resources for men who are just initiating writing relationships with FSUW.

I know the MOB agencies encourage cheerleading, just as they encourage the myths of Russian men and women for the American audience but I would hope the members here will not buy into the MOB pap.

So, in addition to Google, what else is the best friend of these new guys?

Good advice SJS....but also remember that some agencies used canned letters, therefore these can also show up on Google, Yahoo etc and are not always used by scammers.

Just be careful and check things out as much as possible, don't automatically think it is a scam, sure a lot of the time it is and will be, but not always.

One thing I always advise people to do is get a phone number as quickly as possible and call the lady, not once but a number of times,  most scammers will not give out a phone number, that one piece of advice alone can save many wasted hours and grief.

Talking on the phone to a lady can usually answer a lot of questions you may have and it also gives you an indication of what she is really like as a person. Of course a meeting in person at some stage is the real decider, but when I was writing to women via agencies, one thing I did was get a phone number as soon as I thought there was something worth pursuing. Every legitimate lady I communicated with was happy to provide that for me.


Qi Peng:
Also note that greencard girls never use canned letters for their responses. They will play along the game until you marry them. Then beware the infamous restraining order.

This is perhaps the most deceptive method and honestly the worst type of scam that can impact your life.

Use some sense and don't love too quickly. I would suggest purchasing a lie detector if necessary with some huge electrode leads if needed.

IresQ U:
Good post SJS.

I saved a few of the letters from some of the first scammers who wrote me.  And yep the googled lines came right up!  I found out they were scammers first because they never answered ANY of my direct questions.  Also the photos seemed a little too professional.  I saw a blacklist site on the internet and found the pics.  The names were different.  I think there may be a fair number of men who get inducted to FSUW search because of initial contact from a scammer on some dating sites.  Hopefully they will do some internet searches and end up here or a blacklist site.


--- Quote from: IresQ U on April 20, 2007, 06:53:18 PM --- I think there may be a fair number of men who get inducted to FSUW search because of initial contact from a scammer on some dating sites. 

--- End quote ---

YOu are right fact I know a lot of guys who got into the search for a FSUW exactly that way and for that reason, once they had been tempted, they couldn't go back!  ;D


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