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This is a new thread split off from the original "Touring Moscow" series to help showcase Moscow's transportation systems.  We'll use this portion of the series to help readers understand and navigate getting around Moscow.

--- Quote ---Burning holes in expensive clothes rather happen at parties but not in the subway, where no one smokes, by the way.
--- End quote ---

Excellent observation, Belle.  tiphat

--- Quote ---On the other side, sometimes I see and hear from my fellow RW about low class people in the Moscow metro. But these filthy comments have nothing to do with magnificent, precise, quick and comfortable Moscow metro. I ride it multiple times everyday and I enjoy it.
--- End quote ---

So true. It's a national treasure of great accomplishment. And one of it's unique characteristics is that it works equally well for rich and poor alike.

I recognize the big wall on Kievskaya station ;)


I always marvel at the Moscow Metro whenever I'm in the city.  As Mendy says; "It's a national treasure".

Incidentally, I'll be back to Moscow early next year,,, the youngest son is planning a wedding.  Attendance is mandatory.

I love Kievskaya! It's probably my favourite Metro.

Of course I can never say that in public because most Russians want me to be proud of Mendeleyevskaya station since they went to all that trouble to name it in my honour.   ;D

Let's keep my admiration for Kievskaya a secret just between us.  :-X

JB, great news!  tiphat


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