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Wanted to make myself available to everyone who might have a question about my services.

Eduard (0wner)

I will ask a few questions:

!.) When did you start this business?

2.) How many men have you taken on personal tours?

3.) Do you keep your own "database" of FSU girls?


--- Quote from: Voyager on July 02, 2009, 06:42:18 PM ---I will ask a few questions:

!.) When did you start this business?

2.) How many men have you taken on personal tours?

3.) Do you keep your own "database" of FSU girls?

--- End quote ---

Thank you for asking, Voyager.
1.) Originally this started when I was still with my ex-girlfriend probably around 2000. I started looking at Russian sites because I was getting spam emails offering "Russian brides" from agencies and sometimes from "Russian girls" themselves. That's how I learned about different scams on line. Then after I broke up with my G/F I first was trying to date locally and placed personal ads on Yahoo personals as well as That was very frustrating and in the 2 years that I was trying that the only memorable dates that I had were with Russian women who lived locally in Florida and I met one in New York who came close, but...
I was also getting contacted on both Yahoo and Match by "Russian girls"who listed themselves in American cities but in their message would say that they actually live in Russia or Ukraine. When I would respond saying that they could write in Russian since I am a Russian guy living in America they would either send "letter#2" in broken English that showed to me that they didn't even read my letter or once they found out I was Russian they would immediately stop writing (a couple actually wrote back something like: "ha ha, togda s toboy eto ne proydet, ya burzhuev raskruchivayu na babki" meaning: "ha ha, then it won't work with you, I'm just trying to scam damn capitalists"

The reason I state all this as the beginning of my business because I went through the whole learning process that most WM go through, except for me it was a lot easier to separate reality from fantasy since I spoke Russian. I've talked to my fair share of those Lugansk and Yoshkar-Ola 'girls" to be able to spot them in a matter of 2 seconds. All this experience with scam and Russian sites in general allows me to serve my clients better. After a couple of years of single life I really felt like I wanted a good woman by my side, family, children. Life became empty without that and I seriously set out to find a wife for me in the FSU. I literally went through thousands of profiles on free Russian dating sites and talked with hundreds of girls. Some of them for a while 2,3 or 4 weeks others ended after one or 2 message exchanges since either I or the girl felt like we had nothing in common and there wasn't much interest on either or both sides...pretty photo isn't everything, I learned! I also chatted with a lot of RW on ICQ from all over the place, some lived a  20 minute ride away from me others somewhere else in the US and the other ones all over FSU. I'm a social person and being a native Russian speaker allowed for an easy communication.

I also made some on line friends with some girls, both married and single and got to know and understand their mentality and the way of thinking. All this experience gives me great insight to help me in my business now.

I met my wife on a free Russian site- AKA missing heart. It was later absorbed by the Mamba network. When my wife came over and my friends met her they immediately asked me to help them find Russian wives, which I did free of charge, but then they told me that I really should offer all my knowledge to people as a service, which I started doing sometime in 2005 I think. My background is in music, so I'm not a numbers person, please don't hold me to them to be exact.

2) as far as I remember I went to the FSU with about 25 men (could be closer to 30 actually). I also worked with  a few men who used me just for the initial stage of my program (searching and getting to know each other stage) but then went to Russia/Ukraine on their own and used local translators.

3) No I don't keep a database of women, because really there's no need to in my business model. There are millions of women on Russian internet sites and thousands more new women sign up every day. I just help WM contact and get to know them.
If I did keep a database of women I would be more like an agency, which I definitely am not. I offer a very unique, personal, one on one service which can be described more as a wingman, translator, guide, adviser, consultant. I also take care of all planning and logistics which allows my guys to focus on their women instead and enjoy their trip to the FSU that much more.

Ed, if you have taken about 25 men over, how many of them ended up finding "The One"? {Besides Catman  ;D}  How many got married?

Also, how do you pick out ladies profiles that would be suitable?

Voyager, I worked with some men that I only helped in the searching and getting to know stage, but they didn't bring me alone with them to Russia/Ukraine so sometimes I can get a bit confused as it's hard to remember everything. 4 guys are right now in the process of bringing their women to their countries (Catman is one of these 4) But as far as I can remember only one decided not to go through with the marriage because he had an issue with his parents who were against him marrying a RW once he told them about his intent. Divad is still in the process of searching and meeting girls, but he is not working exclusively with me and using other resources as well. The guy I went with to Russia in April is going to meet with his girl for the second time this August and they are planning to go to St. Peterburg, spend time sight seeing and getting to know each other better. If everything goes well he will be filing K-1 paper work. The other 2 recent guys are 2 friends from Germany. They met great girls, but they haven't been very good at keeping in touch with me, so I'm not sure what their status is.
Basically my method works very well for men because they deal with real women who are outside of the mailorder bride industry. They are in contact with women directly, without any third party involved or controlling the information in any way. These women don't have ulterior motives since they aren't looking for a foreigner or a country to move to from Russia. They are general population women who just want to find a good man to have a family with and if he happens to be from another country some RW will not see it as too much of a problem if they like him enough.

How do we pick the ladies?
We have a criteria to work with, i.e. age parameters, hight/weight parameters, smoker/nonsmoker, kids/no kids, what ever is important to my client. When we look at profiles I carefully read through what a woman wrote in her profile and advise my client on that. We contact the ones he likes and when a percentage of them responds positively they start communicating and getting to know each other directly. I just translate their letters, phone calls and advise my client on cultural issues that usually come up from time to time.
It sounds simple but there is a lot to it and my business model is entirely based on my own life experience of being born and raised in Russia, dating RW since age 15, immigrating to the USA... After divorcing my American wife of 15 years, living with a RW I met in Florida for 6.5 years, then after that didn't work out, myself going through searching for a RW in Russia/Ukraine, finding her, bringing her to the USA on a K-1 visa, marrying her and living happily ever after  :party0031: I went through the whole process of what most men here on RUA are trying to do or have done already.

I have a perspective of both a Russian and a WM which gives me a very unique, special edge.
The bad part of this business model is that it can't be replicated and without my personal envolvement and my experience my business can't function in it's current form. My clients, once they start working with me and see the results within just a few days really appreciate great value that they get for their money. They don't have to worry about scam, pro-daters, gift scams and all that other none sense. They talk to many real women and once they narrow it down to about 4 women we book the flight and go meet them. Since they are not meeting strangers at that point, rather women that they really had gotten to know well, connected with them on many levels, they are truly meeting good friends with romantic overtones. Typically one out of four or five that they meet - is magic!

I help my clients to better understand her personality and who she really is by observing her interracting with her family, friends and even people she doesn't know who she comes in contact with on the street, in a store, etc. When I observe her speaking Russian to all of the above I can really see what kind of person she is, because now she is being her true self, and I advise my men on what I observe.

The worst problem happens when my client really likes and feels great chemistry with 2 women out of 4 or 5 that he meets... and the feeling is mutual, then it's time for some tough decisions.
Men have me there as their translator, wingman, cultural adviser, someone who takes care of the logistics, and even friend, but at the end of the day a man will have to make his own (well informed) decision which woman is THE ONE for him.


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