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Author Topic: Daily Mail article on Mail Order Brides Featuring the Russian Bride Guide  (Read 9934 times)

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Re: Daily Mail article on Mail Order Brides Featuring the Russian Bride Guide
« Reply #25 on: February 14, 2015, 06:21:26 PM »
   I am not sure why I didn't comment on this years ago when it first was posted here. I personally know one of the guys mentioned in this article. I socialized with him dozens of times.

''Another agency boss is Matt McCarthy, who moved here from Dublin, in 2004. His offers 'romance tours' - £913 for ten days - which includes an apartment and introductions.

'Men think they're getting a nice letter from a young blonde but often it's really from me  - a 50-year-old bloke with a beer belly,' he admitted.''

  Paul Bracchi and Helen Croydone have got their information wrong. Matt is older than 50, and he is slim without a pot belly.  The last time I corresponded with him was about a year before this story was written, so it is possible he opened this agency. At the time he had quite an impressive portfolio in the apartment rental business. He is not an idiot, and I am quite sure he would never had said that he is the one writing the letters to the men. This would surely get back to him, and his business would be damaged.

 Perhaps they thought they were interviewing Matt when it could of been someone out to run his business into the ground.