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Note: there is now more current information and a very handy tool to discover where, or where not, a Visa is required. Please use the info found here:

Here is an interesting chart showing where ladies can travel with no visa or an easily obtainable visa at the airport.

Mendeleyev principle: To which he will never change because he's right--no matter how many others disagree: To take a girl you hardly know and whisk her off to a secluded romantic place to "get to know her" is counterproductive. Some guys have done it and come away unscathed, but far more in the history of Russian MOB have done it and gotten badly burned.

It is ludicrous to think that a week or two when both are on best behaviour is getting to know someone. The only thing you learn on a honeymoon, which is what that is, is how often the two of you can have sex before becoming exhausted. The romance allows the little head to take over and ignore things the big head would normally see.

Getting to know someone is done in her natural environment to see how she is in real life. A getaway to Greece or Turkey isn't her real life. It short circuits the time you should also spend with her family...something which will become clear to you a few years into your marriage.

Finally it also means that when you do get married you now must "top" the last trip in order for the next honeymoon to feel special.

Okay, done lecturing.

So lets say you know your lady fairly well. You've done multiple trips and you've gotten to know and can interact with her family and they trust you. Or you're planning the honeymoon and will be married in a ZAGS or RAGS. Where can you take her with no visa required or with a visa which can be obtained easily upon arrival?

A Russian expat site I visit often posted this map which I thought our members might find interesting.

You see two charts. On the left is без визы and the right says визы в аэропорту:

без визы = without visa (none required for travel)

визы в аэропорту = visas at the airport (easy to get upon arrival)

Do you see the little blue circles with the numbers and the letter ч? That is a handy guide to how long the flight will take from Moscow to the destination. Ex: 14ч means 14 hours.

There are countries where she needs no visa and countries where it's easily obtainable upon arrival. 

As we plan to use this as an RUA resource in the Travel section at some point, we need your help with translations. If you have trouble reading the names ask, and if you can read the names, please post in the ones you know by number. #20 for example is the country which our good man and RUA member DonHo visited and wrote an interesting trip report. #57 is Jamaica.

Native Russian speakers please allow our learning Russian speakers to practice.  :)

(Note: The folks who created this chart for some reason gave it 2 #33's so if you know either city please identify if it's #33 without visa or #33 with airport visa.)

без визы (without visa):
1 Abhhazia (Voyager: Disputed breakaway Republic from Georgia.)
2 Azerbijan (Paul)
3 Armenia (Paul)
4 Belarus (Paul)
5 Kazakhstan (West Coast!...hereafter WC)
6 кыргызстан or Kyrgyzstan (WC) 
7 молдова or Moldova (WC)
8 Tajikstan (WC)
9 Uzbekistan (WC)
10 Ukraine (Paul)
11 South Ossetia (Voyager: South is "Yuzhnаya" or Южная in Russian, Georgian disputed province.)
12 Antigua & Barbuda (Paul)
13 Aruba (Paul)
14 Barbados (Paul)
15 Brazil (rhayes!)
16 Bosnia & Herzegovina (Paul)
17 Vietnam (rhayes)
18 Grenada (Paul)
19 Israel (Paul)
20 Cuba (Markje)
21 Macadonia (Paul)
22 Malaysia (WC)
23 Namibia (WC)
24 Peru (WC)
25 Saint Vincent (Voyager)
26 Serbia (Markje)
27 Dominican Republic (Paul) (SS thanks, moved to visa at the airport)
28 Thailand (WC)
29 Croatia (Voyager: sounds like 'Horvatia' in Russian.)
30 Montenegro (Voyager: Чeрнoгория is "Black Mountains" in Russian, translates to "Montenegro.")
31 Sri Lanka (Markje)
32 Ecuador (WC)
33 Venezula (Voyager)

No visa/not on above list and map
A- Haiti
B- South Korea (15 days max for Russian/90 days for American/Canadian citizens)

визы в аэропорту (visa at the airport):
33 Bahrain (Voyager)
34 Botswana (WC)
35 Burundi (WC)
36 Guyana (Paul)
37 Georgia (Paul) Good job on this one Paul, it's pronounced as "GRUziya."
38 Djibouti (Republic of Djibouti)...this one was very hard!
39 Egypt (rhayes)
40 Jordan (Voyager)
41 Qatar (Paul)
42 Comoros Islands (Union of the Comoros) (hats off to WC!)
43 Lebanon (Paul)
44 Mauritus (Republic of Mauritus) (Voyager)
45 Maldives or Republic of Maldives (WC)
46 Malta (WC) (Thanks Manny--Malta now part of Schengen zone, must have visa.)
47 Seychelles (WC)
48 Senegal (WC)
49 Nepal (WC)
50 UAE or United Arab Emirates (WC)
51 Syria (Rhayes)
52 Surinam (Voyager)
53 Tunisia (WC)
54 Turkey (WC)
55 Fiji (The Republic of the Fiji Islands) (Voyager)
56 Ethiopia (WC)
57 Jamaica (Cufflinks)
58 Cambodia (Voyager)
59 Laos (WC)

Not listed on map/Visa at airport
60 Марокко = Morocco (thanks Froid!)
61 Андора = Andora (Thanks to Voyager)
62 Лихтенштейн = Liechtenstein (visitors must have Schengen visa for Austria or Switzerland.)
63 Cook Islands
64 Uganda
65 Tonga
66 Kenya
67 Bangladesh
68 Cape Verde
69 Madagascar
70 Mozambique
71 Togo (7 days max)
72 Bahamas
73 Argentina
74 Nicaragua
75 Turks & Caicos Islands
76 Iran (women without headscarves will be denied a visa and returned home on next flight.)
77 Yemen
78 Cambodia
79 Dominican Republic (SS thanks: visa at airport with $5-10 fee.)

You may find a complete list of countries and the visa requirements for Russian passport holders here.


How old is that diagram?  Morocco isn't on it.  Visa at the airport.

Oh sorry...missed the 2nd post. 


Um, Mendy, can you please shrink the map down to 800px wide for those of us with smaller computer screens?.. So we do not have to scroll side to side  :BLUSH: ;D

No problem, there is fluidity involved in FSU visa regimes and this list will hopefully grow so we'll add Morroco at #60. Thanks Froid!

Paul, yes.  :)


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