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Information For Those Considering Posting Trip Reports


We at RUA appreciate the time and trouble members put into writing trip reports. They are an extremely valuable resource to the community here, and very useful and enjoyable for new and old members alike.

In order to encourage more trip reports on our forums, we offer members the opportunity to choose between several different types of thread for their report:

* A standard trip report. This would be a topic where anybody is welcome to reply and/or ask questions throughout the topic in the usual way.
* A delayed comment trip report. This would be a topic where members are asked to wait until the end of the trip report before making comments.
* A non debate trip report. This would be a topic where members are requested not to criticize or debate the topic starter or his methods. This would suggest that the topic starter does not wish to debate aspects of his modus operandi; rather that he seeks to share his experiences in such a way without feeling the need to explain himself or his motives along the way. Constructive questions and appreciative comments would be welcome.
* A no comment trip report. This would be a topic where the thread starter does not want comment or opinion on his story at all. Some people would prefer to share their story without the need for further explanation of any kind.
It is the choice of the person starting the topic which type of trip report they choose. If you're starting a trip report, please mention at the beginning which type of trip report it is going to be. This will enable the moderators to remove any off topic content as appropriate. If you find something objectionable posted on your trip report, please use the report post button and a moderator will look at it and fix it.

You also have the option to have the topic locked when your trip report is complete - its entirely up to you. There are four moderators now listed for this room, you can contact any one of them in case of query.

Which room to post it in?

There are three sections where trip reports can be posted. The first being the standard room here, the second being the train wreck room for stories with a less than ideal ending. There's also the private trip reports room. The private room is only visible to logged in members; people who are not logged in and guests at unable to see this room. This means also that search engines do not crawl that room nor index the contents. If you have any concerns about your privacy, then that room is for you.

It is your trip report, so it is your choice how it is presented on the forum.


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