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Author Topic: Pavlograd - Pavlohrad - Павлоград  (Read 1537 times)

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Pavlograd - Pavlohrad - Павлоград
« on: February 02, 2009, 09:14:23 PM »
Pavlohrad or Pavlograd (Павлоград)

Train station time is 7:56pm.

Pavlograd (city of Saint "Paul") is a city in eastern Ukraine with a population around 112,000. The rivers of Vovcha, Hnizdka, and Kocherha flow through Pavlograd. There was a significant Jewish community in Pavlohrad prior to 1941. Founding date of its Jewish community is 1780. Pre-Holocaust Jewish population was approx. at 4,000. It was destroyed during Nazi occupation in 1941.

Its not a big city thats for certain.

Pavlograd church.

This is certainly "out in the middle of nowhere" when it comes to city size.  It seems to have hardly 75,000 population, much less 112,000 and while it lacks the big city amenities, it makes up with small town charm, hiking trails and fishing.  

Lenin Street.

Bridge at a park.

Pavlograd (Pavlohrad) is a city located in Dnepropetrovsk oblast (region) of Ukraine. Pavlograd city was founded in 1784. Pavlograd city is the center of Western Donbass coal-field. Pavlograd city is situated about 200 km from neighboring oblasts centers: Dnepropetrovsk (75 km), Zaporozhye (102 km), Donetsk (194 km), Kharkov (197 km), Poltava (215 km).

Local version of "Tsum" store.

Local market.

Pavlograd Ukraine city phone code - +380-5632.
Pavlograd Ukraine city postal codes - 51400-51413.

Memorial to Great Patriotic War.

Cultural activities of the town include 5 culture palaces and culture clubs, a childrens music school, 2 schools of aesthetic education, the folk theatre named after B. Zakhava, 2 town libraries, the state history museum and a literature studio is active.

Great place for hiking!