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Here is another k-1 question...

They want proof of meeting... I have all the plane stubs but it also says you can send a copy of your visa and the pages with the entry and exit stamps... But then any data in a foreign language needs to be translated so do i have to get this information translated and notarized?

Also, i have the registration info when my girlfriend registered me... I thought it would be good as more proof but then it would also need to be translated... Do you guys know how to go about doing all of this?


You don't need to worry about getting anything translated until later on when she is preparing for the interview (i.e. police report. divorce decree, birth certificate, immunization records, etc.).  If you live on the east coast or down south, that will be about 5-7 months down the road.  Just provide ticket stubs, passport visa and stamp photos, hotel receipts, restaurant receipts, luggage claim tickets, boarding passes, etc. and you'll be fine.  Several photos of you together is a big bonus also.  Throw in some chat logs, phone bills, etc. to demonstrate ongoing relationship as well.  Good luck

Most of that stuff you don't need to have translated at all.  The bulk of the proof is required at the interview and they speak and read both languages.   The only things you need translated are the things they require to be translated such as her birth certificate.

Boarding passes are considered to be better proof of making a trip than is the ticket.  I guess that is because someone can book a trip, print out everything and then cancel the ticket.

You never know what you will get at the interview.  I have heard of times when the only question they asked was "How are you today?"   I have seen other times when they give someone the third degree.

I had problems with the visa for my first fiancĂ©e.  There are lists of questions they might ask over on Visa Journey but make sure she knows everything about your life,  That she knows about your family, their names, you address, your phone number, your birthday, your age, where you have lived and anything else like that.  My first fiancee missed a couple of those and that triggered a red flag.  We got a 221-G (intent to deny) which gives you 30 days to prove you have a real relationship.  That was despite my having made 4 trips to visit her and being outside for the interview.  We did get the visa a few weeks later after submitting a lot of proof.

As far as the EAD/AP if you apply for those the same time you apply for AOS it is free.  If you apply separately there is a charge for each  (this could have changed but that is the way it was when we did it.)

Awesome! Thank you for the prompt response! My girlfriend has the memory of an elephant so hopefully she won't have any problems but thank you for the head's up.

I know the interview can be rough. I had a friend go through it a while ago and she always seemed stress until it was finally over...


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