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Would you pay for this?


I've been thinking of starting a service just for the heck of it. 

There's almost 1.5 million female profiles on  It is free and has features that rival American paid dating sites (Yahoo,, etc.)

The problem is that the site is in Russian and the translation websites won't work with it.  You can cut-n-paste text from to translation sites, but you can't translate the buttons, etc.

So here's my proposal:

Set up a Yahoo mail account for servicing the account.
Set up a simple love profile for the customer. 
Provide screenshot on how to send messages to the ladies
Provide Screenshot and explain your account (like which ladies have viewed your profile)
Provide a screenshot of a Female profile and point out some of the important criteria (kids, English, etc)
e-mail the client some pre-built queries since the search criteria is by age, gender, and location.  (location is the difficult part since it is in Russian)
Provide instructions on how to change the password to the account.

I would keep all information private.  Once the client is comfortable using the account, he can change the password to that site and the Yahoo account too.  If there's a problem, the client can change the password of the Yahoo account  back so I can service the love.mail account.

I figure that after I do the screenshots described above it would take an hour or two of my time to set up the accounts and to answer any questions.  Would $39.95 be a good price?

Well, I am a married man, so the price would have to come down a bit. ;)

I dunno man, for firefox users it's as easy as installing the Russ Key extension.

As a quick random example, meet Katya (20)

--- Quote ---Знакомства
с Парнем или с Девушкой


   Есть ли дети:
Нет, но хотелось бы

Рост, см: 168

Вес, кг: 45

Отдельная квартира (снимаю или своя)

На теле есть:
# Пирсинг
# Татуировки

   Знание языков:
# Русский

Волосы на голове:

   Режим дня:
Я – «сова» (люблю поздно ложиться)

Волосы на лице и теле:
# Почти нет от природы

   Жизненные приоритеты:
# Творческая реализация
# Семья, долговременные отношения
# Душевное равновесие
# Материальное благосостояние
# Карьера
--- End quote ---
Now right click, and along with copy/paste/properties you have another option: Russ Key>translate Russian to English (or English to Russian)

--- Quote ---Acquaintances
I shall get acquainted:
With the Guy or with the Girl

Whether there are children:
No, but it would be desirable

Increase, cm: 168

Weight, kg: 45

The separate apartment (I remove or its)

На теле есть:
# Piercing
# Татуировки

   Language proficiency:
# Russian

Hair on the head:

   Regime of the day:
4 - "owl" (I love to late lie down)

Hair on face and tele-:
# Almost no from nature

   Vital priorities:
# Creative realization
# Family, the lasting relations
# Sincere equilibrium
# Material welfare
# Career

--- End quote ---

I think you may be on to something but how do you propose to sell it? Ya gonna have to look far and wide.

Hey while I have your attention why don't you post your 38 men story. That was a killer thread dude..Bring it on... 8)



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