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From time to time a few spammers and trolls manually register here just to abuse the forum.

We have anti-bot controls already, so those who do slip through our security are actually people; people who perhaps imagine we wont notice.  :chuckle:

So spammers and trolls, if you want to target RUA you will now end up here on our spammers and trolls topic so Google can find your IP and e-mail address and others can spam you in return. We may even assign you an amusing new avatar befitting your status or origins.  :party0031:

We work hard to keep RUA spammer and troll free. If you abuse us, we think it only fair that others be afforded the opportunity to abuse you in return.  :P

I am from The Philippines, my IP is I am a paid link dropper. I am so stupid this is my third ID here.

I abused RUA, so send me your spam now to

I am a spammer from the Philippines. My IP is

If you want to spam me, do so at

My name is Shane Neff. I am a several times banned PM spammer and troll at RUA, and internet hate group promoter, but I keep coming back for more.  :drunk:

I hide behind proxies, but my latest IP is

Spam me at:

I am a troll from Chicago, Illinois who came here to promote an internet hate group and my IP is

Spam me at:


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