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We recently reorganized this room so useful services and resources are in one place.

There is much that can be added so feel free to start a topic if you know about something we don't have here. Actively contributing members are free to place a small informational advertisement about themselves in the appropriate topic here. (But not relentless self-promotion) We encourage regular members who can recommend a service provider from personal experience to add their information on the appropriate thread. If you are not sure where your recommendation should go, just make a new topic and the room mod will move it if necessary.

If you make a post advertising yourself here whilst still a new or low post count member, it will be deleted. There will be no spam on this site. People interested in commercial advertising on RUA can see the page here.

If we keep this room free from off topic banter and chatter it will become a great resource for our members to easily refer to.


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