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Author Topic: U.S. “Weaponized” Dollar Economics.  (Read 192 times)

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U.S. “Weaponized” Dollar Economics.
« on: November 17, 2022, 09:18:40 AM »
U.S. “Weaponized” Dollar Economics.
“This Global Instrument of Fraud and
World Dominance Must be Broken Once and For All”

For decades the world has been exposed to US-weaponized dollar-economics – US sanctions dished out left and right, whenever an autonomous, sovereign regime refuses to do Washington’s bidding.

These “sanctions” – as they call them benignly – were and are anything but benign. They bring untold human suffering and kill people. The most vulnerable, the infirm, elderly, children and women, are most affected by US sanctions.

For example, reports from UNICEF and different other sources, on children killed by sanctions in Iraq during the 1990s, put the death rate of children alone at between 500,000 and a million.

When then US Secretary of State, Madeleine Albright, was later confronted by a journalist, questioning the sanctions that killed hundreds of thousands of children, Albright said “it was well worth it.”

You may not find this statement anymore on internet. It has been white-washed by “fact-checkers” or outright eliminated. This killer mindset – devoid of any humanitarian conscience – is still omni-prevalent in US foreign policy.

It is high time that this instrument of fraud and death, the US-dollar, and the self-declared US economic world dominance, is broken, once and for all.

“Sanctions” are economic measures that have so far, in the course of the last at least half a century, caused millions if not tens of millions of deaths around the world. It is difficult to assess an exact number, because sanctions come with many faces, and different and multiple consequences, but they always, hit the innocent and the weak, the poor and the sick.

Economic sanctions are possible only because the world has been – and to a large extent remains dependent on the US-dollar which still controls to about 60% the world’s trade and monetary transactions. This figure was close to 100% only some 25 years ago. So, the peace-thinking world – the East with its de-dollarization policy, is moving in the right direction.

Sanctions are a crime against humanity. But so far, nobody dares stopping the crime. With a few exceptions, the entire UN system dances to the tune of Washington. Why? – Many governments are afraid to speak up, precisely because of fear of sanctions. Others are coerced by Washington to follow the US sanction regimes applied to third countries, or else….

This has been slowly changing in the past ten years or so, and a major shift in scenery, in effective resistance, is imminent.

Several new Asian strategic and economic partnerships are being created and old ones enhanced.

Read the full artickle here:     U.S. “Weaponized” Dollar Economics.

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