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Author Topic: Western Europes unless generation..  (Read 219 times)

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Western Europes unless generation..
« on: November 08, 2022, 11:12:06 AM »
I think the people of Western Europe and the US have slowly just become a useless generation of no hopers.. wimps and waste of spaces.. so useless that I think another 10/20 years there is no hope for these people.. mostly the younger generation of today this applies to.. unless..incompetent and unable to do the simplest remedial tasks.. :chuckle:

Lets look at a few examples..

When I was a youngster it was pretty common to go for a walk out in the fields .. or along the country lanes picking black berries .. apples .. gooseberries and all sorts of things , it was easy to pick enough within a few hours to make a nice blackberry tart..

Today no one does this.. it's considered strange.. is it safe? Can you get food poison? Will you get knocked dover by a car walking the country lanes? Is is legal? and so on.. f*** sake its just picking some wild berries for christ sake!

In the village I used to live in right on the sea front there used to be about 100 boats.. locals, families and so on all had a small boat.. used to fish catch lobsters.. Bass, Salmon.. crab.. all the best possible food was right on the door step, we used to have a chest freezer full up with the best quality seafood you could get.. it was a bit of a pain in the ass dragging the boat up and down the beach those days but we all did it. When I was 15 I was fishing with my mate at 5 am before School, we would come in the morning with lobsters, salmon, bass and so on.. then go to School.. we was even doing this in March and April often the sea was rough it was raining and so on.. but we still went out 15 years old .. 4/5 am in the morning 4/5 days a week. we even made good money those days for youngsters selling most of the lobster..

No one does this anymore.. there are NO oats on the foreshore ..its to much trouble.. to dangerous .. to much hard work.. its easier to sit at home and complain about the cost of living .. then go down the local shop and spend 5 quid on some skanky fish fingers ..  :chuckle:

When I was youngster living near the sea and with so many cliffs to climb we all spent much of our time climbing the cliffs , digging holes, making camps and so on..

Today your considered a nut case if you climb a cliff I was on the beach the other day and some guy was giving his young boy some experience on the cliff .. this is how that experience went ..

"Ok Tommy be careful now just lift your foot up and place it on the cliff edge" Says daddy.. Tommy says "Ok dad I done it.. but im feeling really sick and worried I have one foot 7 inches off the ground and onto the cliff edge "  Daddy says "Its ok Tommy do not worry.. now take a deep breath and lower that foot back onto the beach .. steady steady steady". Tommy " Oh dad I did it!! I climbed a cliff I actually lifted my foot 7 inches off the beach onto the cliff"  Daddy says "Were so proud of you Tommy!! Well done "

The list goes on and on .. the younger generation are just becoming useless .. god help the future!

I support no government anywhere, ever, never. No institution, No religion!!