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Author Topic: Praying for the people of Ukraine.  (Read 257 times)

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Praying for the people of Ukraine.
« on: March 02, 2022, 12:48:48 PM »
Keeping tabs

I been on this forum for many years now.
Made some friends and a few people I could do without.
Years back, I would get upset or pissed off and argue endlessly with folks.
Some still here some gone., Some good people left because of some of it.
Took a break a bit ago, came back and read a little said hi to odd friend
and managed to stay out of most frays. in all that time,
 I never got angry. This is making me angry and its not worth the energy.

This invasion and some of the posts here have actually made me upset, but angry and sad at the same time.
So I am not going to argue about the war, defend what I see or know, or listen to idiots defend Putin and
what he is currently doing in Ukraine.

I will check in to hopefully see that other folks here, who have family and friends in Ukraine are doing ok.
If I can help any of them with family or friends in Ukraine reach out.

I pray for all of the innocent people of Ukraine who desired nothing more than a right to freedom
and a chance for a better life. I hope less die than likely will. I hope mothers, children will be back with thier fathers.
I hope we can soon go see our Family and friends and I pray they are still there to see.

There is nothing permanent except change.