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Author Topic: US-Russian spat in Venezuela  (Read 101 times)

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US-Russian spat in Venezuela
« on: February 16, 2022, 11:10:17 AM »
Why US-Russia had a spat over bombers landing in Venezuela?

Just rememebered this little old story from 11 December 2018!

US-Russian spat over bombers landing in Venezuela

Russian and US officials have been involved in a spat over the landing in
Venezuela of two Russian bombers capable of carrying nuclear weapons.
The two Tu-160 bombers landed in Venezuela on  Monday  in  a Russian
show of support for the government of socialist President Nicolás Maduro.

Having read again teh story  I made a quick search and the old Cuba story come to mind.
Small check an dit is obvious why the Americans are not very happy and have tried so hard to get rid of of socialist President Nicolás Maduro!

Well a quick look and I see the US Empire does not like  sharing or any competition.

I guess and hope they learned the world is not their oyster to do whatever they like!

And now the latest Big news to read!

Russia’s Latest Return to Latin America

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