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Author Topic: Re: Coronavirus  (Read 36 times)

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Re: Coronavirus
« on: December 06, 2021, 05:02:11 PM »
The Karen Epidemic

"It really does feel like we’re living a script these days, doesn’t it? Aside from the obvious Dark Winter programming which has now plopped the Omicron variant down on the world’s head just in time to cancel Christmas, there are other plot lines which intersect with the omnipresent hydra-like virus and its variants. Consider that Mr. Great Reset Klaus Schwab, for example, favorably cites the work of “Skynet” firms in his book The Fourth Industrial Revolution. In what is exceedingly unlikely to be a coincidence, the Belgian digital media company Skynet was launched in 1995—the naming was, in fact, a direct reference to the malevolent AI that comes online in the Terminator film franchise and tries to annihilate the human race. China has a national surveillance system of hundreds of millions of CCTV cameras and much more, also called Skynet, which is, according to the ruling communist party, in place to keep the public safe—just like the “vaccines” from Pfizer and Moderna (their mRNA research has been subsidized in part by the Pentagon’s Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency—DARPA and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation) are to keep you safe, or the dozens of tracking applications that have suddenly emerged to do the same! Cheng Jing, a professor at Tsinghua University’s Medical Systems Biology Research Center, believes that Skynet should be expanded upon and should integrate pathogen detection, big data, AI, and 5G. For the population’s safety, of course!"
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