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Author Topic: The Jewish War On the Guns of Americans  (Read 446 times)

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The Jewish War On the Guns of Americans
« on: September 16, 2021, 04:58:29 AM »
The Jewish War on the Guns
of Americans

If you ever wondered why US Democrat politicians, who are in lockstep with Jewish interests, are virulently opposed to people having guns but surround themselves with armed guards, here's why:

The puppet masters who control most of our elected representatives understand that it is very, very difficult to carry out a genocide against an armed population.

In Russia when the Tsars declared war against subversion of their country by a particularly malevolent subset of Jews, these people killed the Tsar's wife and family and massacred millions of Russians because those Russians were unarmed.

Similarly, in the US, certain elements of the Jewish elites want only the military and the police to have arms because when it comes time to kill people who do not support their form of predatory government, the military and police are good at following orders and exterminating their own people just to survive themselves.

A heavily armed population like the Americans are very, very difficult to manipulate into being genocided as we can see in the example of Switzerland which has never been invaded because historically, every citizen was armed and the logistics of invading a country where all the citizens are armed and live in the mountains, and thus have a standing army of the entire population, are very difficult.

To this end, making laws that restrict the 2nd amendment, that restrict the buying and transfer of firearms, that restrict the buying and transfer of ammunition helps them. And they do it slowly over decades so your rights to self defense are slowly eroded. This is one area when one small compromise on your end will lead to your demise.

Just recently a law passed in Nevada which criminalizes gun sales to anyone without the government digging it's nose into your stuff. This ballot initiative was funded by Michael Bloomberg, who is Jewish.

The same tribe has flooded most American states with illegals and minorities from all over the world. These immigrants don't care or understand about the importance of being armed and are used to being treated like dogs. These are the people who are now voting on your rights. Is it any surprise that almost the entire Jewish lobby is for open borders for America and closed borders for Israel?

In England, which has been completely disarmed and is completely under Jewish control, it is illegal to shoot someone comes who invades your house to kill you.

I think it is pretty evident to anyone who does the research that most of the American military, police, judiciary and government serve Jewish interests and act on Jewish directions.

Look at France and Germany who want to combine their militaries to make a new army while launching grenades at its own citizens as they did on the yellow vest protesters.

Who will this army be used against? Simple. When a  French man has an issue they make the German shoot him and when the German person has an issue they make the French shoot him. Divide and control, a favorite Jewish tactic.

Armed rebellion is an area of ability - in honesty, courage, and raw skill, an area in which the Jews will always lose. That is why they are very committed to arming every person in Israel and disarming every citizen of every other country under the guise of gun control.

When the obviously politicized FBI returns an opinion that they don’t understand why so many mass shootings are happening, can we really say with a straight face that the FBI isn’t hiding something? Are certain special interest groups encouraging mentally unstable people to do this in order to advance a gun control agenda?

Instituting universal background checks, instituting laws that seem reasonable, which then creep into being unreasonable, and then creep into out right gun confiscation is how they are doing it. Like everything else they do, they are planning over decades and have planned over decades.

The entire cabal of Jewish control can be slowly destroyed by teaching our children the importance of shooting and having guns. It’s definitely more fun than playing Xbox.

A child who grows up shooting will resent and question why his rights are being eroded and that will lead him to the truth.

Remember that this war is being waged at every stage and every aspect of American life. Your founders gave you an excellent defense in the 2nd Amendment to fight back. Other countries look up to Americans and emulate their right to bear arms. That right protects the right to free speech.

Never compromise on this, because your enemies don't want to compromise.

They want your destruction.

This article first appeared on Wed, 27 Feb 2019 on Russia Insider The author Friedrich Forste, is a German finance professional who specializes in the software industry. He was born and raised in Munich, Bavaria, where he currently resides. He writes on Jewish issues in the German alt-media, and is always unfailingly polite. His English is not native, but we think he does pretty well!
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