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Author Topic: Nordstream II  (Read 124 times)

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Nordstream II
« on: February 24, 2021, 02:38:44 PM »
While discussing life on Mars and stocks and shares there was never a thread started on NordStreamII

Below is a link regarding this project and interesting observations from Andrew (albeit on another topic) regarding this gas pipeline from Russia to Germany Note I have truncated a fair amount of the below post, my excuses.

But there's more. The president has made it clear that he is not in favour of Nordstream II. He and his team have been pressuring government leaders across Europe to end the project. It is almost certain that the Navalny thing is being represented to Trump as a useful tool to implement to get Merkel, in particular, to end the project from the German side. Of course, it does not matter whether the Navalny thing is real or not, Truth is not important in such cases. The importance is the pressure that can be brought to bear upon the targets.

It is easy for people to see only one strand in any set of events, a single motivation and only two participants: an antagonist and a protagonist. Most people simply cannot grasp anything more complex. The reality is that there are a whole raft of people and groups, all stakeholders and all with different motivations and desired outcomes. This leads to a shifting morass of alliances and transient partnerships.
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