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Author Topic: 15 Day free trial on  (Read 683 times)

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15 Day free trial on
« on: November 02, 2020, 05:15:40 AM »
This year is our 10th anniversary year for were just in the middle of some major updates for our web sites with lots of new features, better functionality and more mobile friendly
all should be completed within the next month giving members the ultimate and best Eastern European dating experience available..

We have piles of happily married couples making bridesandlovers babies and have been helping people for years not only get together but also with any immigration paperwork .. Yes I do help people some times.. ;D

Helping with genuine guys with REALISTIC expectations is all part of the game..

In fact we only just helped a young couple (We don't get many) with US immigration last week..

Some immigration attorney in Arizona .. Hopefully more Bridesandlovers babies on the way any day soon ;D

So this month only 1st Nov- 30th Nov any guys wishing to give the site a try can get 2 weeks free upgrade .. just sign up and put "15free" after your password.

So if your password is "bobby1234c".   you put "bobby1234c15free "

You can sign up from any of the links below:

And lastly don't make yourself look stupid by asking sometime in December or next year if the offer is still valid  ;D

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