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Ukraine Closes Borders from August 29 to September 28.


There are limited exceptions, but for most guys traveling as tourists, there's a "CLOSED" sign hanging on the door.

Read about it here.


It was brought forward..

Already closed on 28th...

Poland also increases countries whose citizen not able to enter country to 26 including France and Spain.  Second Virus wave beginning to take hold in EU as well as Ukraine.  Here is the USA the second wave recovery is under way. School started here this week so that may not last long. UK infections on the rise also. School getting ready to start there also. Here in the USA airline had to cut schedules in August because no one was flying.  Ukraine Air is cutting schedules because they can not fly anywhere any more. By October this is likely to be much worse because of schools in session. It would not surprise me if schools do not have to get closed again around October until there is a vaccine.  We have ordered a large number of test kits that give instant results. This is about our only hope that we might control the virus. I truly doubt there is enough of them.  We would have to test every student every week and that still may not be enough to control this virus. 

1/ It's not a 'second wave' in Europe or the's what happens when one lifts the foot off the gas and we mix..

2/ Schools in Scotland have been back for some time.. with resulting hot spots(


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