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American citizens being denied entry into the USA


Do y'all supporters of the current administration see in the news that American citizens returning from overseas trips might be denied entrance into their own country? 

So how many of you will defend this move? 

Or let me rephrase the question will anyone in a relationship with a woman overseas defend this move? 

Because I know there are many keyboard romeos here that never travel. 

And the whole purpose of this endeavor is to get on the silver bird and meet the woman you're communicating with

Y'all still want to make America great again even if you cant see Svetlana?

Given the rabid race biased writing and language used in the article linked you might want to check the original source in the New York Times to see how accurately the words on your linked page reflect what was actually written.

I can't be arsed to do your reading - but why do you think that USAians who have left the USA should be allowed back into Cootiestan when somebody with a different passport from the same point of origin would not be allowed in? Coronavirus does not respect nationality and thus the risk of importing the virus is the same.


The journalists never quote anybody from the Trump administration. They don't even ask Trump what he wants to do but they tell their readers what he wants to do. Fake News. They can ask the question at the daily White House press briefing but they won't like the answer and rather write a story that will shock their readers and get them to vote for Biden.


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