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Electrical converter

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I have a nice electrical converter that supports regular American plugs (ie my laptop) and also usb ports. 

I've had it since 2013 and I've taken it on numerous trips. 

Considering that I don't want to be left without my laptop working in the middle of a trip I was wondering if anyone knows the life expectancy of these units under normal use? 

I'm not sure if I should purchase another one to have as a backup. 

If its just a step down unit, which is European 220-240v down to US 110-120v and whatever USBs run, maybe 5v, it should last a long time if its a decent one.

There isn't much in one of those to go wrong and as long as you're not running any big amps through it like kettles, heaters, etc. It will be fine. If you're using it for low demand stuff like phones, computers, etc, its is doing no work.

But if such a thing conked out mid trip, you'd buy a local charger. And then you'd have one.

Last time I was in China I'd forgot my plug converter for my phone. I was directed to a nearby shop, and a moment later had a Chinese charger (which is way cooler than the original Apple one actually).

I only use it to charge the laptop, phone and camera. 

I didn't know they sold these overseas because since the laptop requires the electrical conversion it needs to have a port for an american plug. 

The phone can work with just an adapter. 

Bought one of these ..

Used it on a yacht, narrow boat, ( using mains and inverted supply at 240v), Rep of Georgia, UK, FR ..not 110V .. but covers N.America, UK, EU ..

Anker kit is pretty solid

Mine is this type but a different brand.  I need to search in my travel bag for the exact brand.  but its this same layout. 


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