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Joe Biden as President?

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I google Joe Biden this morning, having watched some recent footage of his car crash interviews, mumbled incoherent faux pas and disturbing behaviour. After all he’s the candidate for the Dems to beat Trump.

The results popped up on google search and every single link was positive, professional and endorsing. There wasn’t one single embarrassing link which is truly amazing given everything he’s said in the last few days.

In contrast I googled Donald Trump, you can imagine the stuff that came up.

Is this a fair reflection of the two individuals in the run up to the election or are we seeing more dishonest manipulation from MSM & social media platform handlers?

Dishonest media manipulation from the Cabal, obviously.

Here's a curious article I read:


Wall Street backs Joe Biden with millions in donations

Joe Biden’s campaign coffers are being bolstered by Wall Street donors who have decided that tax rises are a price worth paying to oust President Trump.

Despite more than three years of regulations being slashed and taxes being cut, the frustrations felt by many bankers and financial executives have forced them into Mr Biden’s corner.

Seth Klarman, a billionaire hedge fund manager, donated $3 million to Republican candidates in 2016 but this time has already donated that amount to groups supporting Mr Biden. “I’ve seen meaningful numbers of people put aside what would appear to be their short-term economic interest because they value being citizens in a democracy,” he told The New York Times.

James Attwood, a private equity executive who has donated $200,000 to a pro-Biden fund, said that business experts were particularly attuned to the failings of Mr Trump’s management style. “For people who are in the business of hiring and firing CEOs, Trump should have been fired a while ago.”

The Biden Action Fund, set up to attract high-value donations from Wall Street, raised $11.5 million in May and June. Overall Mr Biden has raised $44 million from the financial industry, dwarfing Mr Trump’s $9 million.

The fund’s donors include Josh Bekenstein, a co-chairman of the investment company Bain Capital, who has donated $710,000. James Murdoch, former director of News Corp, and his wife Kathryn each donated $615,000 to the Biden Victory Fund.

Mr Biden, 77, raised $140 million last month, slightly lower than Mr Trump’s $165 million. Mr Biden’s campaign said that 97 per cent of its tally came from grassroots donors.

The Democratic candidate’s pitch to his party during the nominating process was orientated around his “working-class Joe” roots in Pennsylvania. But having spent 36 years as a senator from Delaware, a small state whose affluent economy is powered by being a base for much of the credit card industry, he has longstanding ties to influential names in finance. Marc Lasry, a billionaire hedge fund boss and chief executive of Avenue Capital, organised fundraising events for Mr Biden during his first presidential run in 1988 and is still backing him three decades later.

Mr Biden has said he would raise the top rate of income tax, affecting those earning above $510,000, to 39.6 per cent. Mr Trump cut it to 37 per cent in 2017. Mr Biden would raise corporation tax to 28 per cent; Mr Trump cut it to 21 per cent from 35 per cent.

Mr Biden also promises a crackdown on multinational corporations with registered profits overseas.



I added a poll to see what our members think his chances are.

Joe checks off the Marxists and BLM boxes with Holla 4 Kamala while putting the Antifa anarchists on Notice... Bonus $$$ from Oprah, Hollywood, Silicon valley and the CCP embeds.

Trump super pacs are going to have to counter with ruthless Beijing Biden Traitor Joe and Marxist Hate Christians Kamala oppo research ad campaigns on MSM and social Media. Allows Trump campaign to contrast with rebuild post Covid USA positives and EOs if he can discipline his twittering. I know a big ask... Patriots need to focus on the get out the vote ground game as she was clearly Bernie's pick for VP.


People can give their opinion in a poll but others put money where their mouth is.

Biden has more donors than Trump and Biden has more donors in 26 States compared to Trump having more donors in 24 States. Biden has huge leads in NY and California.

But overall, Trump has outraised Biden by hundreds of millions.

In 2016 Hillary outraised Trump in ALL 50 States and outraised him by hundreds of millions. Seems like Hillary is a more exciting to voters than Biden.

I think I'll make another donation to the Trump campaign before this is over. I got to get me another Trump/Pence bumper sticker since my wife stole the first one they sent me.


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