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17th Wedding Anniversary

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annual aniversary notice

Hi all,

Victoria and I are celebrating our 17th wedding anniversary. Even during Covid 19.........we still have our little adventures.....even a few overnights out of town.
Florida still suits us just fine. We love living here. I will always remain a "Yooper in Moscovia (Upper Peninsula, Michigan)..................but Florida is now in my (our) ............bones. Ten years used to be a major........major milestone......not too long ago. Now we have folks married over 20 years !!!!!!!!! Congratulations to all the long timers !!!!!!

Capt B (Marc) & Mrs. B (vika)

Happy anniversary CaptB and Victoria.  tiphat

Thanks for sharing the wonderful news and inspiring others that it's possible to have a long and happy life with an FSU woman!

Congratulations!!  We live in central Florida and love it too!

Lord of the Dance:
Congrats on 17 years Marc! That's an accomplishment for any married couple. Here's to many more happy years to come.  tiphat


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