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Virgin Atlantic in Administration

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Branson is lucky in anycase.. he has the "stupid population factor" on his side if he never had that his firm would of collapsed well before the virus came along..

Can you imagine 17.5 million Brits not using his service cos he basically called them dumb asses and tried to over throw what they voted for?? He would be long gone! BUT he has the "stupid population factor" most of these people are to stupid to see the light..

Stupid people = lots of money cos there are lots of stupid people..

Same for Apple and many others.. they also have the "stupid population factor" who in their right mind needs to update their phone every 8 months? Who is so stupid that when apple market the latest phone they need to wait in line all night for it often with a tent outside the shop? Yes you got it! The Stupid population.. :laugh:

So you have 85% of the general public who are stupid.. you need the big numbers for the 15% to make the money from..

Its not exactly rocket science to work that one out.. people need lots of stupid people to make lots of money :laugh:

Star Bucks another prime example they have the "stupid population factor" what fool leaves there house in the morning.. I guess you would of had breakfast? Coffee or tea? I should think so?
But on the way to work you need to have another cup of coffee and walk to work with it stuck in your hand whilst dogging around other stupid people with a coffee stuck in one hand and the phone in the other? Only a stupid person surely would do this??? Yes you got it again.. "stupid population factor" :ROFL:


--- Quote from: Manny on August 05, 2020, 04:11:20 PM ---I wouldn't wish a health issue on him like Steve. I have read two of his books, but I disliked his hypocritical Brexit stance and wouldn't use a Virgin airline after that. And then as a non-resident, tax-dodging multi millionaire he had the neck to ask the UK government to bail out Virgin? Not really. The government rightly refused. Now its insolvent. He should have took less money out and then they'd have some cash in the bank like EasyJet and Ryanair still have.

--- End quote ---

Well, there's a man who says he's "read about Branson" and proved he hasn't a clue about his financial affairs .. 

When he's deep-sixed as many firms as 'Trampu' you might ( nearly) have a point ..

1/ He was and will be proved bang on re Brexit

2/ Many of his firms pay UK taxes

3/ He offered to match funding in a rescue package from his personal stash

Best Airline I ever flew .. especially with kids

By “hasn’t a clue”, what you mean is you simply disagree. I read his own statement on the subject. I’ve read his books and formed my own opinion. It isn’t right or wrong - it’s simply my opinion.

“Best airline” is similarly subjective. I’ve flown Virgin Atlantic and it was fine - no complaints. I eschewed Virgin in recent years simply to vote with my £ as I don’t agree with how he injects his politics into the business.

Better than Virgin? I did seat 1A to the US on American Airlines and it was superb. 👌

I suspect I’ve done more long haul Premium Economy and Business Class flights than you. Virgin - while good - didn’t stand out as exceptional for me. Cathay to Hong Kong is pretty good. Swiss are remarkably good value for long haul Business Class. I’ve been to China with them twice now.

Most enjoyable and memorable flight has to be Beijing to Pyongyang on Air Koryo. But for all round good service and painless experience, it’s got to be the big boy seats on American Airlines or Lufthansa.

In terms of Airlines, the Germans, Swiss and the Americans seem to have good all round service nailed. Virgin lost its USP and a lot of people boycotted them because of Beardy Branson’s hypocritical champagne Socialist politics.

Virgin became insolvent because it wasn’t run properly. Even Easy Jet and the dire Ryanair didn’t go skint. Businesses that are run properly don’t go skint at the first hiccup. In business and personal life, I try to keep six months running costs to one side separate in case of crisis. It’s not rocket science. Every business needs a cash cushion, Virgin didn’t have one.

You probably empathise with him because he flies by the seat of his pants like you. Except he’s better at it than you of course. But this time the wheels have fallen off his baby. And it is down to nothing more than bad management and greed.


--- Quote from: Manny on August 08, 2020, 02:18:43 PM ---

I suspect I’ve done more long haul Premium Economy and Business Class flights than you.

--- End quote ---

Like the rest of your 'assertions'...hilariously devoid of fact and ill researched..

In the 90's and noughties I was flying to America and the Far East and I wasn't paying....

Given cross Atlantic flights are not the domain of EasyJet and Ryanair, your 'analysis' was woeful.

I have flown Virgin a fair few times to the US and yes its a good service, well it was about 20 years ago..

BUT I will never be flying virgin again for the simple reason the twat who owns it tried to over turn my democratic vote.. It is a simple as that, I don't care if it's free.. I have principles and I always stick to them and certainly would never try to FORCE my opinion on anyone..

There is nothing else to say about the guy really other than he is a total twat.. yes a twat .. he completely lowered himself about Brexit.. and it is as SIMPLE as that..


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