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Explosion in Beirut, Lebanon

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Lord of the Dance:
No thread on this yet?

It seems they are blaming a Russian cargo ship for the explosion of ammonium nitrate that has caused devastation in Beirut. Whatever the cause and manner are eventually confirmed to be, RIP to all the victims. Man those people just can't win, can they?

Note that the 75th anniversary of the Hiroshima A-bomb detonation is this Thursday (tomorrow).  Is this more than a coincidence?    :-\

Russians abandoned their ship in Beirut's port. Probably no valid buyer of the ammonium nitrate since nobody stepped forward to request the completion of delivery. If someone ordered 2750 tons of ammonium nitrate, they probably needed it. A lot of valuable product abandoned. Maybe nobody ordered it. Maybe Russia wanted to donate fireworks to the Arab Spring celebration.

Lord of the Dance:
Apparently the (partly) Ukrainian crew were trapped aboard the ship while she was docked in Beirut for almost two years before escaping to Odessa. What an odd story with a sad ending.

What a disaster, it is sad those who are far removed and innocent get this to deal with. Some parts evidence are missing or perhaps there is an agenda behind the article. When I find time I can do some research.

My instinct says this is more due to greed and perhaps incompetence than any agenda of a government. 


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