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Hey From Odessa

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About 2 months ago I started talking to a Siberian girl I met online. Lots of planning and video calls but to make a long story short I flew 6 times over 50 hours to get onto Odessa. Meanwhile she flew twice and took a 10 hour taxi ride. I broke my self imposed rule of never to send money to someone I've not met in person. I didn't believe it was gonna actually happen until I picked her up at the airport. We've been staying in a nice $40/day apart with a sea view for the past two days. I avoided quarantine but she is under it. We are about to go get her a test which if negative will end hers early. I'll check back later

You made it to Ukraine! but what about that Belarussian girl in Cali?  How the heck does it take 6 flights to get there?  I can fly direct from LA to Moscow.


As some may recall you are not that comfortable flying. But the number of flights and hours shows dedication! Would be curious about the itinerary versus cost.

I will guess your flat mate came by car (taxi) from Belarus.

In any event how is Odessa today? Would be interesting to read your impressions.

Nice girl...seems you got a thing for blondes ;D

So she's from Russia but flew to Ukraine because of the closed borders guys coulda gone to Thailand or something!


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