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Boris flip-flopping on Huawei, next ?

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Huawei: UK prepares to change course on 5G kit supplier

Oh, I can't WAIT to hear the reasoning behind this latest policy reversal ...

So, it's true...we are 'America's puppet'..

BBC News - Huawei 5G kit must be removed from UK by 2027

I'm on the fence about it as we dont have enough facts.

--- Quote from: msmoby on July 14, 2020, 07:02:57 AM ---So, it's true...we are 'America's puppet'..

--- End quote ---

Boris has rolled over and acquiesced to the demands of the US. He doesn't want to scupper the trade deal I expect.

Ostensibly to make a point about China's security law in Hong Kong. Which isn't our business as we gave HK back to China.

If it's just hardware that poses no spying risk, it's a pointless exercise to replace what is already fitted. And somebody will have to pay. End users probably.

Are alternative suppliers standing by at similar money?

George Galloway - not someone I frequently agree with - has wrote a piece on it that is actually right on the money IMO:


--- Quote from: msmoby on July 14, 2020, 05:42:09 AM ---Oh, I can't WAIT to hear the reasoning behind this latest policy reversal …

--- End quote ---

I told you back in May but it failed to register with you. Boris created "Project Defend" which is a national security policy change. This decision of his had no input from America. It has everything to do with stopping support for hostile governments.

Some how I couldn't imagine Vlad allowing another country to be messing about with the telecoms systems..

The bloody chinks have their fingers in just about the whole of the UK.. they don't even need to start a war.. it would be easy switch off the Nuclear power I bet they are laughing at the Uk just like the rest of the world..

Mini sold to the krauts ..

Land Rover sold to the Indians

BA sold to the Spanish

Airports sold off on the cheap.. actually the Uk have no f++++ airports you got to laugh..

Not much left really its a National disgrace..

I even laugh her in Russia when I see Russians driving around in the new Mini with a Union Jack roof all proud to have a British brand.. yeah right.. :laugh:

Same with Land Rover and Range Rover they think they have an Iconic British brand.. naaaaaa some indian firm owns it now who make tin can cars.. :laugh:

All a joke really

No futer in the Uk anymore for anyone.. feel sorry for the youngsters growing up in a dead end country.. with little prospect of a good future..

Its all been sold off cheap .. every thing.. not even sure if they own Colmans Mustard anymore.. sad very sad..


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