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Tricare Insurance Coverage for Ukraine


I know there are former and or retired U.S. military people on this board so this is addressed at them, please.  I am retired military and have Tricare as my medical coverage.  Does anybody know if Tricare will suffice for the Ukrainian Covid-19 insurance issue right now as far as entering Ukraine?  If so, what do I need to show as proof, will just my retired ID card work at the border?  Wife and I need to travel to Ukraine as soon as their are flights and we need to know what we need.  From what we read and my wife watch's Ukrainian news online, it looks like they are just pushing for all travelers to buy insurance from some Ukrainian firm, since it sounds like all insurance companies must be registered and or licenses in Ukraine, not sure if Tricare is recognized, but I do know Tricare has some type of relationship with some clinics, doctors, etc in Ukraine.  Any help in this matter is greatly appreciated. 

Just buy the Ukrainian insurance. You'll not have much success persuading a bloke whose job it is to collect the few dollars from each incoming traveller that you and your wife are some kind of exception.

Cost seems to start at about $6. Buy online.

Thanks, thought I would ask tho.  I figure this whole deal is so they can bilk travelers out of money.

No, the reason for doing it is that the Ukrainian government want to make sure that if you contract covid-19 while in Ukraine you will have the means to pay for your health care.

If I travel to the USA then I have health insurance for that purpose.

Some countries have border or frontier insurance that can more easily be seen in the negative way you suggest.

Get out your credit card and pay the premium. From what I saw it'll cost as little as just $6.50 per person. I'm sure that's not a problem for you to afford.


--- Quote from: sailor291 on July 05, 2020, 12:36:01 PM ---Thanks, thought I would ask tho.  I figure this whole deal is so they can bilk travelers out of money.

--- End quote ---

While I am uncertain the purpose of your trip to Ukraine. If one approaches the seeking of a partner with the same worries about health/travel insurance you might face other challenges. Certainly you can purchase through AAA decent medical insurance specific to your travel plans.


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