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What happened in Lutsk?

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Hello from a previous member that was unable to remember his password. Well getting to the point - I'm worried. But first some background; I'll keep it as short as possible.
   We began 3 years ago and became closer with visits and weekly Skype and Russian lessons. (why 3 years is not relevant here) I was planning to ask THE question in June but didn't due to the pandemic. She is however aware of my plan to ask her and we have already made plans for the future, that I would move there with her.
  On Friday she e-mailed me the expected language lesson, on Saturday I texted her but she did not reply, ok. On Sunday no show on Skype. No response to several calls and texts. Unusual. I don't know her father's name and she lives alone. On a long shot I sent 3 different sets of flowers to be sent to her/ neighbor along with a message, in Ukrainian, for her father, in a feeble hope that the neighbor may relay the message to her dad. (I have sent numerous flowers before where the flowers were left with this neighbor so I know it was worth a try.) The idea of possibly never knowing what happened is deeply disturbing. Of course anyone reading this will conclude that I should have had an alternate way of emergency contact. Sadly I learned this too late. Sadly, I'm now out of ideas. I would be grateful for any ideas or suggestions on how I could find more information about what may have happened to her- no matter how far fetched. Thank you for reading.

Three years is a long time to be having weekly Skype conversations?

Probably got bored of waiting and found another guy maybe local.. it happens..

What exactly is the weekly language thing then? Your teaching? paying or?

It is almost impossible to give an answer. One can speculate, but the way I read your post you have met in person a number of times.

Perhaps you can direct us to an earlier thread where there is more information.

Hope all ends well.

3 years is a long time for a woman to wait for a man to make a decision. She may have concluded you aren't into her as much as she'd like or you can't make decisions quickly on a good thing when it's in front of your eyes. Her boat may have sailed and you missed the boat. You may have to start over.

Sometime we assume the worse when it is something simple. I do not have any experience with this but you may hire a private investigator and see if he can contact with her to know what happened. I would wait another week just to see if it is something simple maybe she fell and broke her leg or something. If she is in a hospital she may not be able to contact you. Do you have a phone number and a address? That is a big help. You have visited her so you should know these things. Do you know where her father lives and his address and name?

Also part of Ukraine is experiencing a flood. 


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