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Three Weeks with a Belarussian Princess in California

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I met a beautiful Belarussian girl  3 weeks ago. She has 2 kids. Everyone spent the weekend last weekend. Alas, it looks like things won't continue. She's still an angel, though. I wonder how much it hurt when she fell from the sky. She's 20 years younger than me, 11" shorter, and every bit as attractive as she looks in these pictures. Smokes a little, super sexy accent, cute and hot at the same time. Has had a tough go of things, having been married to a Ukrainian ahole here in California.

Lord of the Dance:
Haven't heard from you in a while JAD, thanks for checking in with us.

You say things won't continue... why? Hopefully you didn't dump her off your tractor bucket by accident!  :laugh:

Just a Dude, If the car is hers I would consider keeping her as well.

Anyways how are things on the West Coast?

Feel free to share more details, the peanut galley is alive and well.

Nice lady! but what happened this time? did you make it to Ukraine or did the quarantine hit before then.

I perceived that she didn’t want to continue. However she came over last night with the boys and just left an hour ago. We’ve been kicking around the idea of buying a house that would be better than the place I have now and we looked at a couple today. Crazy to talk this serious 3 weeks in, especially considering that she falls off the grid for 24 hours once a week. She and the boys met my Mom  Today.
She’s so attractive and she’s a real sweetheart too. And the boys are cool little guys. I’ll check in with an update in a day or two.


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