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How a Russian family lives in quarantine in the DPRK

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--- Quote from: Manny on May 02, 2020, 10:46:06 AM ---If I visit FL or NY, am I unqualified to comment on the US and my observations less valid because I haven't visited rural Ohio or post hurricane blacks in New Orleans? Would you direct all your tourists away from Disneyland and Manhattan and tell them it isnt real unless they've visited the poor too? This thinking cropped up when I first went to China as well. I reported on a nice area I stayed in and people started foaming at the mouth like you are doing here. 

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People are free to come to America to talk about the good and the bad they seen on the internet. I think everybody in the world knows we have ghettos and homeless people in major cities. I'm sure even North Koreans know that about America. I met a Belgium man who comes to America every year renting a motorcycle cruising the road and seeing the sights. He loves it here. I'm sure some tourists had a bad experienced, especially if they were robbed. I once drove all over Mexico. Went to Mexico city and towns so small all the roads were dirt. I was free to go wherever I wanted to in Mexico. They didn't hide the bad and the ugly.


--- Quote from: BillyB on May 02, 2020, 11:52:09 AM ---I'm sure even North Koreans know that about America.

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I'll answer this on the other topic.


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