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When will scheduled International air travel resume?

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With the Chinese gift a couple posters have wondered about moving about, Internationally.

Some of us are holding tickets for flights in the summer.

Some news and travel sources say mid July others write new guidelines will be published in the next 14 days.

Will there be a seat between each passenger? Will it be every other row? Wonder about boarding and disembarking? Passport control?

There is some interesting observations from one poster of her expierences as she returned home in Russia as quarantines were beginning.

only people in a hurry to open everything up, are folks in the US.
stay the hell home


--- Quote from: NS1 on April 22, 2020, 05:18:33 PM ---only people in a hurry to open everything up, are folks in the US.
stay the hell home

--- End quote ---

Not quite true! As soon as I can fly to where I want to be I will be on that plane!

Ryanair are reckoning that they will be operating relatively normal services from mid-May. I am a tad dubious about that but let us see.

I am curious to find out what fares will be compared to what they were before.  Super high because they will not be able to fully board planes?  Super high because of a high demand for travel?  Super low because the airlines are desperate to get people traveling again?  Who knows?  I'm curious to find out.

Fuel being cheap and Airlines wanting it to ramp quick, should lead to at least decent fares.

As for travel, planes, airports and cruise ships are likely the 3 most dangerous places
for contact for this virus, Enjoy your flight.

I will not be getting on a plane for quite some time,
if lucky, being 100% stuck for 2 weeks is not my idea of fun.
If really sick, 3-6 weeks and possible hospital time
sounds like less fun.


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