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Government Petition: Please deny Richard Branson tax payers money to fund his ailing business

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Any Brits here please help me with my petition to stop dick head Branson taking your hard earned tax money to rescue his ailing business ventures..

Make him suffer!!

I’ve made a petition – will you sign it?

Click this link to sign the petition:

My petition:

Deny Richard Branson access to TAX payers money to rescue his business ventures.

Please deny Richard Branson tax payers money to fund his ailing business.

Richard Branson is a tax exile and contributes as little tax to the UK government as is possible. He has substantial assets and just like any small man who owns a business in the Uk would have to do, he can sell assets including his private Island to help rescue his airline. From what I see he has no rainy day fund.

Done.  :thumbsup:

Not a Virgin Anymore  :laugh:

So it has now gone to be checked if it meets the standards ,if so the petition will be live within a week..

After this time it will be share like bloody crazy .. need 100,000 signatures..I think that will be easy!

I cannot believe my petition is still under moderation..

In the meantime Virgin Australia has gone into administration... :thumbsup: tiphat

And let us prey the sleeve bag has to wind his other companies up...Free market economy survival of the fittest .. there will always be someone else ready to step in to the twats shoes!!


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