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My Elena arrived Saturday night !!!

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She has arrived here in Orlando on Saturday midnight.  I gave her 5 yellow

tulips.  It was wonderful seeing her.  The last time was in Moscow where

she lives, it was in January.  As most of you know, she has a 2 year travel

visa to the USA.  She is one of the lucky ones.  Also, she paid for the plane

ticket.  Sunday, was a day of rest.  But, we did go to the ocean at Daytona

Beach.  It is only about 40 minutes from my home.

Monday, we had to drive to Miami.  That was a good 4 hour drive 

(one-way).  She needed at visa for the Bahamas.  We will be taking a

cruise for 3 nights.  While we were waiting for visa I took her to Collins Ave.

(South Beach).  She loved the old building and took many pictures.  I found

a nice Cuban Restaurant for lunch.  She loved it!!!  Today, we are going to

Sea World.  I got her a 2 day ticket so we will be going back again next


OK, about the house inspection....   it went very well.  She loved it.  But, she

did say that she would make some small changes.  Only to add some

additional furniture.  Which I agree.  She is in shower while I am typing,

and we are getting reading to leave for Sea World.  More to come.  So, far

on a scale of 1 to 10, I would give it an 11.

You bring back good memories of my wife's arrival here in the states.  It truly is a wonderful and exciting time for the two of you.  Enjoy!  And good luck.

Good news things are working out well have plenty of things to show there in Florida, could be a ful timne job for you  ;)

Marine, this is good news. I like reading post like yours. I hope all goes well. Cheers Patrick

Hey marine. you are certainly one of the luckiest so and so one on this board.

Please tell your Lovely Lady Yulia and I say hello and have a wonderful trip

All the Best my Friend and say

Don and Yulia  ;)


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