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Author Topic: The Saudi/Russian oil disagreement and penis measurements  (Read 372 times)

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The Saudi/Russian oil disagreement and penis measurements
« on: March 16, 2020, 09:31:21 AM »
The Saudi/Russian oil disagreement is still in place. There are
a ton of theories out there as to what, why and how this is
going on.

OPEC and Russia have been cooperating in holding back oil
production to maintain prices. They've called this OPEC+
With a mild winter and the corona virus demand has dropped
and prices have gone down.

OPEC+ met in Austria and the Saudi's asked for additional cuts
in production and Russia balked. The Saudi's increased production
by a bunch and the oil fight was no. There are as many theories as
there are reporters opining on this and calling their opinions news.

Every time I start developing a theory about how things are shaking
out, I find reports that tend to weaken my theory.

Here is a sampling of the news, or more accurately opinion pieces
that are masquerading as news.  The Forbes and VOX pieces seem
to be the least factual/plausible. 

There are theories that there is a grab for China/Asia market share.
There are reports that Russia was asked to take a giant share of the
proposed production cuts and there seems to be more than a little
bit of dick measuring going on.

Saudi Arabia has tried to undermine the US shale oil market in the
past but various reporters have decided that Russia must be trying
to hurt them now, because you know Russia = bad

Saudi Arabia’s Oil War Could Bankrupt The Kingdom

War With OPEC Can’t End Well for Russia

What's behind Saudi Arabia's oil price war with Russia?

Saudi Arabia is starting a reckless oil war with Russia — but the US
is also a target

Saudi Arabia-Russia Oil Price Feud Hits U.S. Economy Hard

The Saudi Arabia-Russia oil war, explained

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