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Hello all!
I am from Russia! I like English language, another cultures sometimes (!), can well write in English... and love dogs :)
If someone would like to know about me more so he (or she) should know I am average looking woman, like just usual everyday life, good discussions and open minded, glad for new peoples. And dislike men chasing only buity women, their "bogines" (goddesses) and than complains why they love only rich men and so on. I think its obvious.  :popcorn:
So I like men with great soul but not with great libido.
But women I like for great soul too :plane: their libido is not interesting as I am typical heterosexual!
Hope find friends and interesting peoples and good discussions.
Hope I was introduce myself entirely! :)

welcome to the forum

Hello and welcome, Twinky! How did you find our forum?

Tell us where in Russia you are from?

Welcome to the board.


Welcome! Please tell us more about yourself.


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