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Moscow hotels

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Who's been to some good Moscow hotels?  I've stayed at some American chains like Marriott, Sheraton, and UK brands like InterContinental.  Anyone go baller and stay at the Ritz on Tverskaya or St Regis?  I've been to their restaurants but even they are super pricey. 

I've stayed in the Hotel Ukraina. I enjoyed it, the reviews are accurate.


--- Quote from: Manny on January 05, 2020, 04:57:38 PM ---I've stayed in the Hotel Ukraina. I enjoyed it, the reviews are accurate.

--- End quote ---

It has been awhile but We stayed at the Hotel Ukraina also.  we liked it too.

The better Moscow hitels?

Do you mean the one's with silly prices that someone else is paying for or decent family run ones that offer a clean bed, friendly service and you go back again and again...?

The best restaurants in most cities are NOT to be found  in hotels..ANYONE who has a clue about Hotel Management and catering for large numbers knows this..

A tip for those paying with their own money when travelling.

Add gopher into your browser and pay less than et al come up with, less their commission.

I have stayed at lots of hotels in Moscow last one was Radisson blue and we had to wait several hours after our check in time before  they cleaned the bloody room out..and a total waste of money as with so many well over priced hotels in Moscow..

How ever much money I had  there is no better place than

You simply cannot beat the price and standard of the rooms , actually the room price is pretty close to nothing.. stayed there on nearly every trip to Moscow for the last 15 years and will continue to do so.. just a few stops from the centre.. If I treble my income over the next few years I will still continue to stay there ..


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