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I am from Sweden where we have managed to resist NATO membership (for the time being) but are suffering the latest madness from Brussels. I have been yearning for a place to express my unqualified, semi-Political notions without the standard barrage of insults from my western ”cousins”. That doesn't mean that I am anti-western or pro-eastern but it seems to me that the vast majority of today's strife is being perpetrated by certain western entities and since that is where most discussions and debates are going …... I am stuck with it. Also, I have come to admire (appreciate, at least) the Slavic mentality, thanks in part perhaps to my wonderful wife (of 15 years) who is born in the eastern half of ČS.  :)

I have travelled the circumference of the globe 'overland' on my own steam and I have visited literally every European nation – both east and west. At the moment I am in love with Bulgaria. I am ageing now but when (and if) I can get my shoes on I still have one unattained goal to reach …. that being ”The Motherland Calls”  in Volgograd.  Some day, maybe. :reading:

Hello and welcome. I hope that you find your visits here to be stimulating and worthwhile!

Thank you very much.

Welcome to the site, Valenki. Good to have you here.  tiphat

Thank you.  :)


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