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N.American Photo sharing sites..too prudish?

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Just uploaded an image to ..the site I normally use for images here..

Within 3 minutes it was deleted with a warning stating it broke terms and conditions....?

Naturally, I have asked WHAT rule have I broken..

I took a photo of SC as she was about to end a call from the beach on WhatsApp this morning and saw it was a lovely (and decotage)..

She is not topless. She loves the photo..

Really? Are N.Americans such prudes?

This is on it 'go'', too ?))

Looks a very benign picture to me.

But puritanicalism is the issue with US platforms. Why we haven't had Google ads for the last few years is because (US) Google deemed us an "adult site" because of some posts by Bill and Larry (now left) with photos of girls in short skirts. I wouldn't delete them on principle because they were views you could see anywhere. So we lost our Google ads.  :biggrin:

Probably software is making those calls now.

Americans and Belgians tend to be the most deviant in sexual matters, BUT they tend to keep it rather closeted.

In the US there has for over a generation now a battle going on between an open and free sexuality, as in a very loose way portrayed by the so-called hippies and a rather fundamental Christian majority that thinks all these sexual matters should never be discussed or portrayed, call them the Puritans. They are alive and well.

Throw in the 1st Amendment, and changes resulting from birth control and Roe versus Wade and you have a wonderful fcuked up nation; lacking both a moral compass, common sense, and an intellectual foundation. It all can be quite amusing. As an example 'Lady Chatterley's Lover' by D. H. Lawrence first was published in 1928/1929 but prohibited from sale in the United States until 1959. Where as 'Lolita' by V. Nabokov published in 1955 was never banned in the United States, in fact it was a runaway success. Go figure?

Of course, no response from imgur, yet ..


--- Quote from: msmoby on September 09, 2019, 03:11:15 AM ---Of course, no response from imgur, yet ..

--- End quote ---

You’re probably unlikely to get one unless you are using a paid service.


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