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Met a Russian woman in the US who met her ex-husband on a tour

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Last weekend I had coffee with a woman living in my town here in the Western US. She was born in Russia and lived there until about 10 years ago. She met her husband while he was on a "A Foreign Affair" style tour. I don't know if it actually was that agency and she couldn't recall because it was so long ago. I think it was a fairly civil union although she did say that his alcohol addiction contributed to the failure of the relationship. She came to the US on a fiancé visa along with her daughter, who is now 18 I think.

It's obviously an isolated data point but I just thought it was interesting. She said she was there with 300 women and there were a couple handfuls  of western men (maybe 20 or so?).

Her summary of how their relationship came to be was that he had come with the intention of meeting a future bride and she was intent on finding a husband. She had heard about the event from a gf who invited her along. I don't know if she attended any other social events or any other tours.

She indicated that many if not most of the women who were there were fairly seriously looking for a husband. She is from a satellite or village sort of near (by vast Russian distance standards) St. Petersburg.

So I just thought it was interesting. It piqued my interest enough to do some searching for real testimonials but they seem pretty hard to find as seems to flood the internet with very biased "testimonials"

how old was the woman and guy when they married?  I think this tour stuff is all but over in Russia.

Mr strange:
Do tour offers promise you will find the one? No you get the change of the socials and everything arranged for you.

As far as you being the man and how you approach dating in the Russia/Ukraine is not included in that price. Most 98% go just on that and will get their moneys worth while maybe 2% are creative thinkers and study Russain/Ukraine dating methods, culture + the language prior to be going. What do they really want in you and how do you know? How to act and so forth.

Still most men wants girls under 30 regardless their age which makes the tour an expensive lesson to learn

So the odds of succes is very low due the above factors and some good reasons for why testamonials are not worth reading as such a tour can not guarantee you will find the one! If the tour arrangements are crap then its different but otherwise they would not be in business.


--- Quote from: Guile on August 25, 2019, 12:00:21 AM ---how old was the woman and guy when they married?  I think this tour stuff is all but over in Russia.

--- End quote ---

The woman is 45 now. She indicated that her and her ex were fairly close in age. And I agree that 2019 is not the same as 2009. I saw a tour in Kiev when I was there teaching English. I remember thinking the guys looked even more pathetic than me, but there were some dudes that looked like they had something to offer

It is a fact that tours have always yielded some marriages.

You are putting two groups of people who ostensibly want the same thing together so something is bound to happen occasionally. That the marriage lasted a decade or so suggests something must have been alright and the resultant breakup is unlikely to be because of anything cultural.

That said, the points Mr Strange touch on above are also true. Men who go on tours are probably the ones most likely not to have learned anything about the culture, or any language, or indeed those not comfortable with their local women. The blokes likely to fail in fact.


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