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tired of cash. i want a ru bank account.

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i would like to open a ru bank account to help my cash along in crimea.

must work in europe and crimea
easy web access
(prepaid) credit card

i thought sberbank but it is sketchy in crimea. some atm work others not.

a credit card only with small transaction fees is also welcome of course.

so no yandex money or mts.djenghi.

i looked at an aeroflot cc. but its expensive if you fly only 2x yearly

You can have a Rouble balance with the Transferwise debit card that should work there. Here's mine:

Works great from the app. I just sent you an invite.

anything not ru-based wont work in Crimea.


--- Quote from: Markje on August 08, 2019, 02:07:56 PM ---anything not ru-based wont work in Crimea.

--- End quote ---

That doesn't say that. It says:

--- Quote ---Due to current EU sanctions we cannot send RUB to Crimea or Sevastopol
--- End quote ---

But they can send RUB to the card, is Mastercard working in Crimea?


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