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Author Topic: Russian Interference in Ukraine  (Read 1220 times)

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Russian Interference in Ukraine
« on: June 23, 2019, 09:56:29 AM »
Russian interference in Ukraine is extensive, including using the church to interfere. Which is why the Ukrainians have split from the Russian Orthodox Church.

FrolovLeaks VIII: The Orthodox Melancholy

on 12/20/2018 | | Donbas | News | UCA

In the end of 2016 the activists of the Ukrainian Cyber Alliance (UCA) gained access to the mail box of Kirill Frolov, Head of Department in the Institute of the CIS Countries (Director of the Institute is Konstantin Zatulin, Deputy of the State Duma), leader of the Association of Orthodox Experts and spokesman of the Union of Orthodox Citizens. InformNapalm’s analysis of this mail dump became the subject of seven preceding articles on the connections between the Russian Orthodox Church, the Presidential Administration of the Russian Federation on the one side and their agents and terrorists operating in Ukraine on the other side. This article completes the saga.

Russia has always interfered in the Ukrainian politics, and rather aggressively, too. However, after the first Maidan, Russia sensed the real danger of Ukraine slipping from its sphere of influence and stepped up its activity in Ukraine stopping at nothing at all. The gross ensuing interference in the domestic politics of a sovereign state can be rightfully called an act of war.

At a first glance, Frolov seems insane with his manic program of building churches no one needs in Moscow, his friendship with Surgeon the biker and his eccentricities on TV, but Russia loves a good fool, making him the most popular character in Russian fairy tales. And our “fool” is well connected, with acquaintances spanning from a political expert Stanislav Belkovsky to the official spokesman of the Russian Orthodox Church Vsevolod Chaplin.

In 2004, Frolov supports the separatist congress in Severodonetsk, Ukraine, and establishes connections with those who will eventually become armed separatists. Among his new connections, we can see Valerij Kaurov, Igor Druz, Sergei Moiseev, Vladimir Kornilov (there are reasons to believe that he interfered with the referendum on the Ukraine – EU Association in the Netherlands) and many others. Frolov uses his connections to influence the politics via the church channels (Frolov: “The network of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the Moscow Patriarchate is perfect for mass anti-NATO propaganda”).
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