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Help me find specific Russian TV show

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 I wonder if one of the ladies can help me with the name of a specific Russian language television cereal. It was described to me by a lady but I forgot the name of it and I want to watch it.

 It apparently takes place in Moscow, I believe. It’s about two ladies well at least one, in their lives. The one story I remember was one lady was married but her husband left her for another man. He then wanted to get back together and kept asking her to get married. Also, there was another man that loved her and wanted to marry her. Well in the end, she finally decided not to marry her former husband. Instead, he bought her a supermarket and made her the manager of it and she was very happy?

 Well, that’s the story, if anyone can help me out with the name and where to watch it I really appreciate it. Thank you so much.


It could be a Russian cereal?


--- Quote from: andrewfi on May 22, 2019, 07:28:29 AM ---Cornflakski?

It could be a Russian cereal?

--- End quote ---

Best stick to being 'creative' with fact ...


To those of posted:

 I dictated the message on my phone. The iPhone shows the breakfast food rather than the word for a program that occurs again and again. I trust anyone who read the post with the intention of being helpful would understand what I was referring to.

if you typed in the word "program" that may help. but why are you on a dating site asking about a TV show? very few guys here speak russian
 you are better off asking on a forum with russian women who watch such shows


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