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Author Topic: Youtube, instagram 'gone ' the way of Linkedin in Russia ?  (Read 715 times)

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Youtube, instagram 'gone ' the way of Linkedin in Russia ?
« on: February 14, 2018, 12:42:47 PM »
The banned Russian 'Presidential Candidate', Navalny - who has revealed  the  closeness of Manafort - a former 'Tramp' lobbyist / adviser ( who has worked for WELL DODGY regimes - and the Ukrainian deposed  President Yanukovych) , Russian Oligarchs and - by inference -  the Kremlin -  used Youtube to post a video - using the Oligarch's 'friend's'

Imagine my surprise to note that the Kremlin really ARE that stupid - threatening to block youtube and instagram - for carrying the story.

The instagram stuff was posted by a 'friend' of the Oligarch and the posts have been up for 1.5 years !

Could this be the same Kremlin that mocked Ukraine's decision to block RU social  media, banking, news, etc., etc.,  sites - and lots of Russians setup VPNs to allow Ukrainians to view the sites ?

Please note censorship is banned as part of the RU constitution - but once again - Roskomnadzor - the media regulator - is doing JUST that.. as a result of a Court Order obtained by the Oligarch - as his g/friend had posted stuff on instagram that tied him into being EXACTLY where secret meetings between a long-standing Kremlin official and Manafort took place ..on the Oligarch's motor yacht

Next time you hear a Russian saying Ukraine is run by Oligarchs - check to see how black their pots are..

Tut, tut - we can't have this Navalny guy pointing out they are corrupt from the top, down

I reckon Youtube will cave in - so hopefully the video will simply appear somewhere else ... 

Hang on a min ..VPNs are now illegal - if used to view prescribed sites, in Russia

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