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Author Topic: The Rothschilds and the US-Russia alliance of the 19th century.  (Read 2497 times)

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AvDhB asked me to open a new thread about what I had posted in the "feel good thread". So here it is.... The secret history between the 19th century US (Union)-Russian empire alliance. Plus we can discuss the several attempts (the third being successful at Jekyll Island.) to control the US greenback currency and in turn control of the US government to the Rothschild's via the Federal Reserve. (Federal Reserve is a misnomer since the Federal Reserve is a private bank controlled by the Rothschilds.) I had to find this information myself, US high schools will not teach it to students.

Here is what I posted in the "feel good" thread...

Yes, I believe that Russia helped blockade the west coast to keep Britain from invading from the west. Sadly, Tsar Alexander 2 was assassinated after the third assassination attempt at the Church on spilled blood in Saint Petersburg. Two or three weeks after Abraham Lincoln was assassinated. I hardly think that was coincidence, somebody wanted to break the US and Russia apart.

Also, the Confederacy built an iron clad ship called the "Merrimac". The world watched in horror as it tore through the Unions wooded and steam powered ships. The union invented an iron clad ship of their own called the "Monitor". The 2 ships finally slugged it out at the Battle of Hampton roads ending in a stalemate. The Monitor sunk on it's way back to port. The Merrimac was later burned by the Confederacy to keep the Union army from acquiring it. Then the Union started to build more iron clad ships for their Mississippi river campaign. I think 30 or more iron clad ships went to Russia as well.

Plus, it saddens me to find out that the US is no longer the Old Constitutional Republic it used to be. Our currency is controlled by the Rothschild elite since the 1913 meeting at Jekyll Island. The Federal Reserve is a private bank. This was the third attempt to control our currency an it was successful. The greenback was supposed to keep us a sovereign nation with congress and the people in control of their own currency.

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Re: The Rothschilds and the US-Russia alliance of the 19th century.
« Reply #1 on: August 08, 2017, 10:20:18 AM »

Thank you  tiphat

Your post has in fact three topics, one quite highly charged I suspect. I have earlier written and studied a fair bit regarding a bit of what you noted regarding "blockade the west coast".

I will make one comment now, but be aware the thread will ramble and move in odd directions, so be it.

Personally I prefer that the Federal Reserve is a private bank. It is should be independent and free of special interests inside the beltway. What I strongly dislike and I have said it before is the lack of transparency. It should be independently audited, preferably by congressional oversight. The way it is using the greenback most be subject to public discussion and discourse.

So you know before you joined there was a thread about the future Republican nominee to face Hilary, Rand Paul won. That indicates the sentiment on RUA to a degree.

NB: I made an edit after the post of Confederate, the changes are shown as removed stroke through and added underlined.
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Re: The Rothschilds and the US-Russia alliance of the 19th century.
« Reply #2 on: August 08, 2017, 10:55:49 AM »
The Federal Reserve is hardly independent and free of special interests. On the contrary our Congress is controlled by AIPAC which is controlled by the Rothschild's. Our foreign policy is not our own it is run by the "deep state" on behalf of Israel. The neo cons are the deep state and they're a collection of warmongering Jews whose allegiance is to the state of Israel, not the USA. The wealth of the Rothschild's gives them enormous political power which they frequently wield.
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