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North Korea.

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So I thought I'd open the North Korea topic.

As we know, Trump has now started threatening North Korea, who have warned him not to bother or they will retaliate to any attack or attempted US invasion.

Russia and China are rapidly moving troops and equipment to their respective borders with NK, ostensibly to stem any refugee crisis that may occur if there is some kind of war there.

Personally, I think Trump has foolishly bitten off more than he can chew here. This is more aggression and warmongering from the US. NK is not his business and is in China's sphere of influence (sounds like Ukraine and Russia again, no?). I can't see China letting much happen on their doorstep, and Russia has voiced concerns about nuclear clouds that would take 2 hours to reach Vladivostok.

Trump cannot be permitted to continue the worldwide terrorism that his predecessors started. The man has bombed two countries in a fortnight and is now threatening a third. But NK wouldn't be like bombing some blokes on camels as usual. This conflict he seeks has the potential to unravel him faster than anything at home if North Korea's neighbours are forced to intervene.


I think North Korea, albeit under extreme leadership, should be left alone for now. However, they have proven capable of being a nuclear power, which means that no aggressive military strike will succeed without a very high cost in human life. Better seek to dispose of current administration through spies, assassination and other means.

I had a small hope that Kim-Jung Un would be better than his father, but alas... another mad dictator at the helm.

Kim Jong Un is playing a limited hand brilliantly. Right now we see just how necessary Korea's nuclear weapon program is as a deterrent to US aggression.

There's a reason those aircraft carriers are not where the US said they'd be.

I think Kim Jong Un has a Napoleon complex and should be very careful how he plays this. If he keeps poking the US in the eye Trump may rename N Kor as "The Great Smoking Ditch".


--- Quote from: Steamer on April 21, 2017, 06:28:13 AM ---I think Kim Jong Un has a Napoleon complex and should be very careful how he plays this. If he keeps poking the US in the eye Trump may rename N Kor as "The Great Smoking Ditch".

--- End quote ---

See, that's where you and millions of others have not understood why North Korea has a nuclear weapons program or why it is that the US has actually done nothing.

A nuclear weapons program is the only defence against US silliness because it is the only thing that can actually impact the US. The apparent bellicosity that you have been programed to see by your thought leaders is, in truth, the leader of a tiny, poor, but independent nation doing all it can to tell the aggressor, the United States, to stop its threats and attacks.

Also, when you talk in such silly, unthought, pre-programmed, terms you are neglecting to understand that North Korea is bordered to the north by both China and Russia and just how well do YOU think that a nuclear attack upon North Korea would go down with those two?

Truth time here: you and millions of other poor USAians have been programmed to think that rational people act irrationally. As such you are willing to accept irrationality on the part of your own leadership. Your leadership may well lack skills, may well lack understanding of geopolitical realities, may have counter intuitive world views and hidden motivations and drivers but there is one thing that they are not: they are not irrational. Your leadership is no more irrational than Assad in Syria, Putin in Russia, Xi in China or Kim in Korea.


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